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Write an Expression


  • Mathematical expressions can be written on any position on the work sheet.

  • Any number of expressions can be written to the worksheet.

  • A calculation starts on the top of the worksheets without predetermined order. RedCrab calculate first the expressions whose results will be used in other expressions.

  • This logical order allows you to use variables at the top of the Worksheet which are defined or calculated below.

  • A result is displayed only for expressions that are completed with an equal sign.


  • If you write a expression, RedCrab draws a frame fit to the formula size. 

  • Each expression gets its own frame.

Input hints

  • The expression frame can be moved with the mouse.

  • Shift + Insert inserts a new row. This moves all frames below the cursor position down one row.

  • Shift + Delete deletes a row. To do this, all of the following frames are shifted up one row.

  • Press Home to move the cursor to the first column of the frame or to the first column of the worksheet.

  • Press End key to move the cursor to the last column of the frame or to the next frame of the row.

  • Press Shift + Enter to move the cursor to the first column below the frame.


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