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Calculation with Lists

RedCrab can create and calculate multi-dimensional data array. The following section describes, how to handle one-dimensional lists. To generate a list, a sequence of numbers or variables are written in square brackets and separated by commas.

The creation of a series from 2 to 8 shows the following example

  • A series expands automatically in steps of + /- 1
  • Other step sizes can be generated by multiplying or dividing the array
  • In addition, step size can be specified in the array definition
Series, values ​​and variables can be combined.
Mathematical formulas must be written in parentheses. In the definition of a series or step sizes, no formulas may be used.
A fraction bar is regarded as a value and must not be written in parentheses
Fields are treated as normal values ​​in calculations and they can be used with all operators and functions.
The next example shows a result list, which contains four different values ​​of four different arguments of f
Access to individual components of a list are possible via the index

Varibale overload
Function definition
Remark selection
Define and calculate with lists
Define Tables
Work with Data fields
Unit of Measurement
List of predefiened Units

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