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Chart Options

The "Chart settings" button opens a dialog to change the chart options.

  Title In "Title text" you can insert a chart box headline. Additionally you can change the text size and colour.

  Border Determines the border width and colour.

  Background Background colour setting.

  Cross line Displays crosslines at the null positions of axes.

  View 3D Enable or disable 3D design.


  Shadow Enable or disable the plot area shadow.

  Scrollbars Enables a scrollbar. The scrollbar is only visible if the chart contains a large amount of data points.

  Zoom Toggles the zoom feature on or off. See below...

  Label Shows or hides labels at the data points.

  Axis Shows or hides axes.

  Marker Shows or hides markers at the data points.

on: Off:

  Lighting Enables or disables the lighting effect.

on: off:

  Light weight Deactivates some features to provide performance boost for large number of data points.

  Theme There are 5 built-in themes provided with different features. 


Enabled or disabled the zoom feature. If the zoom ist switched on, the x-axis displayes a scrollbar for chart moving and scaling.

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