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Chart Types

  • The button Chart types opens a dialog to change the chart types.

  • Note that different chart types can need different data format

Colomns Column chart
  Stacked column chart
  Stacked column chart (100%)
  Range column chart
Lines Fast line chart
  Comfort line chart
  Spline chart plots fitted curves.
  Step line chart
Area Area chart
  Stacked area chart
  Stacked area chart (100%)
  Range area chart
Bars Bar chart
  Stacked bar chart
  Stacked bar chart (100%)
  Range bar chart
Points Point chart
  Bubble chart
Triangle Pyramid chart
  Funnel chart
  Streamed funnel chart. Shows data in progressive order
Circle Pie chart
  Doughnut chart
  Radar chart
  Polar chart
Stock Stock chart
  Candlestick chart

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See also: Chart Box - Chart Legend - Chart Axes - Chart Options

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Graphics and Design

Chart displays results graphically
Chart types
Chart legend
Chart x-axis
Chart y-axis
Chart options
Text Box
Image from clipboard or file
Slider for variable changing
Labels in charts oder images
Plot 2D
Print worksheet
Tables display

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