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Display results in 2D plot

  • Plot boxes displays results graphically as 2D drawing

  • To insert a plot box, select a range on the worksheet and click the Plot button in the Insert menu group

  • Draw the result with the function Plot

Toolbar functions

1 Deletes the box.
2 Sends the box to the background.
3 Brings the box in front.
4 Anchored the position of the box with another box.
5 Displays the box in a separate window.
6 Save the plot to a file
7 Print the plot
8 Send the plot to the clipboard
9 Change the plot settings
10 Change the plot box background
11 Show the legend
12 Show the axes
13 Show the grid
14 Show the data point labels
15 Show a shadow around the plot area
16 Show a crosshair on the axes null position

Available in RedCrab PLUS


Graphics and Design

Chart displays results graphically
Chart types
Chart legend
Chart x-axis
Chart y-axis
Chart options
Text Box
Image from clipboard or file
Slider for variable changing
Labels in charts oder images
Plot 2D
Print worksheet
Tables display

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