RedCrab Calculator


Print Worksheet

  • Print the worksheet or a part of it, with a click on the button (1) Print in the Applications menu

  • If no area is selected, RedCrab prints an area of the worksheet that corresponds to the size of the printer paper

  • Select an area with the mouse to print a part of the worksheet only

  • The button (3) Page Setup opens a dialog box in which the margins of the page can be adjusted

  • The button (2) Print preview opens a window which displayed a preview of the printer page. Here the output can be formatted. 

  • If the Fit to page checkbox is selected, the output is enlarged or reduced to the size of the sheet

  • Center centers the content on the sheet

  • Landscape prints the page in landscape format


Graphics and Design

Chart displays results graphically
Chart types
Chart legend
Chart x-axis
Chart y-axis
Chart options
Text Box
Image from clipboard or file
Slider for variable changing
Labels in charts oder images
Plot 2D
Print worksheet
Tables display

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