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Configure pipes

Available in RedCrab PLUS
  • RedCrab provides an application interface, which can send data to calculate in external programs. To call a function in an external programm, RedCrab integrated the function Xcon(). The communication is provided via pipes

  • To enable RedCrab to communicate with external programs, you must activate the interface with a click of the button Start pipes. Stop pipes disabled the interface

  • If runs more than once instance of RedCrab on a computer, the communication can be activated only in one program

  • Trying a second process to start the pipes, the error message "All pipe instances are busy" is issued

The pipe monitor

  • The button Monitor opens the pipe monitor panel

  • The number of maximum connections can be changed here

  • The status of existing pipes will be shown in a list

Application interface (API)
Xcon() to call of external programs
Configure application interface (API)
Include API in a Visual Studio project
Programming external functions


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