RedCrab SonoG

RedCrab SonoG is a tone generator software with two stand-alone generators.

SonoG can generate different wave forms, like sine, square, puls or sawtooth at the selected frequency.

SonoG supports tone-burst, modulation, sweep and DTMF pulse.

RedCrab SonoG is freeware.

RedCrab SonoG

Version 2.3 vom 08.11.2018
Free Download @ RedCrab Server
SonoG Free Download


  • Sinus 1Hz - 20kHz
  • Rectangle signal 1Hz - 20kHz *)
  • Pulse signal, 1Hz - 20kHz *). The duration of the pulse in% to the period is adjustable.
  • Sawtooth signal, 1Hz - 20kHz *). The duration of the rise time is adjustable.
  • Tone burst, 1Hz - 20 kHz *). Four active periods, four periods break.
  • Frequency sweep of sine signals.
  • Modulation of sine signals.
  • Frequency direct input via keypad.
  • Stepless frequency adjustment with knobs (coarse, fine)
  • DTMF signals for testing telecommunication decoders..
*) Quality and upper frequency limit depends on the sound adapter of the PC..

System Requirement

Windows Vista, W7, W8, W10
Framework 4.5 or higher


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