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Das Game Menue

Sudoku Game Menue

New Game

With New Game you can generate a new game with help of the random generator. It is possible to create up to 9999999 different games.  You can choose the level of difficulty in the “Level” menu

Select Game

With “Select Game” you can open a  game of your choice.

Load Game

Load Game load a game from the harddrive.

Save Game

Save Game store a game on the harddrive. It is also possible to store games that are partially solved . You can load and continue playing the game at a later time.

Input Game

With the “Input Game” function it is possible to input a self-created game or a game from an external source, like newspaper. To start click the menu button “Input Game”.  Next key in the numbers of your choice. These numbers will appeared in blue. When the input of all numbers are completed, click “Input Game” again. This procedure locked the numbers so that you cannot make any changes. The number displayed are now in black. The game can now begin. It is possible to save a self-created game and the Solution Function will work as well. 


Exit program

Level Menue


With the Level menu games with different difficulty levels can be selected. The Kids level generates the simplest game. Tough is the most difficult level. The level differ by the number of uncovered fields.


Das Extras Menue


Show Errors

With this function during the game you can find out whether wrong numbers are entered. Wrongly entered numbers are marked with a colored background. This function is available only for games which are generated by CR-Sudoku. Games key in manually will not function here.

Next Step

Games which are generated by CR-Sudoku can used the Next Step Function to get a hint from system. Only one number will be shown as hint. This function does not work with games key in manually.


With this function you can  solved a game completely. This function can be used for manually entered games. If a manually entered game cannot be solved, an error message is sent.

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