Rule of Product Calculator

Calculator for the fundamental counting principle

Rule of Product Calculation

This function calculates the fundamental counting principle or also called "product rule of combinatorics".

To perform the calculation, select the number of operands and enter the numbers to be multiplied. Then click the Calculate button.

Rule of Product Calculator

Numbers of Values
Number a1
Number a2
Number a3
Number a4
Number a5
Number a6
Number a7
Number a8
Number a9
Number a10
Decimal places

Description of the fundamental counting principle

In combinatorics, the product rule or the multiplication principle is a counting principle that expresses how many possible combinations there are when a variant x is combined with y and/or z.


If a cabinet or shelf is offered in 3 wood colors. There are two options with or without a drawer and 3 possibilities: without doors, with wooden doors or glass doors.

Then there are \(\displaystyle 3 × 2× 3 =18 \) variants

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