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Classes Introduction

  • A class in RedCrab is a collection of variables and functions that describe or calculate the properties of an object. A class can replace hundreds of individual functions
  • Object = Class("Argument name", Argument)
  • The following example uses the class circle

  • The circle has four properties; Radius r, diameter d, circumference A and the area P

  • The object c is used as the "container" of the properties

  • The object is initialized by calling Circle; the arguments "r" and 10 are the parameters. "r" denotes the property (radius), which is defined as given, 10 is the value of the radius

  • All other properties are calculated automatically

  • The Circle properties can be used in other calculations qualified by their name, separated by a dot

  • The Circle class replaces 12 individual functions, which would be necessary to realize all possible calculations of a circle. ( d from r, A from r, P from r, P from A, d from P etc.)

  • The class Cylinder contains 28 properties. To calculate all variants, several hundred functions would have to be installed

  • The 17 geometry classes replace thousands of individual functions

  • If multiple parameters are passed, they are separated by commas
  • If you need only a single property, alternatively you can write:
  • In this example, c is calculated from a and b


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