Convert fraction to ratio

Calculator to convert a fraction to a ratio

Convert fraction to ratio

This function converts a fraction into a ratio. The fraction is simplified if possible and then presented as a ratio.

To perform the calculation, enter the values of the numerator and denominator. Then click on the 'Calculate' button

Convert fraction to ratio

Decimal places
Ratio :

Negative mixed fraction

When entering, a negative sign in front of the integer applies to the entire fraction.

\(\displaystyle -2\frac{2}{3}\) is interpreted as   \(\displaystyle -\left(2\frac{2}{3}\right)\)

Example: convert fraction to ratio

Simplify fraction
\(\displaystyle \frac{50}{125}=\frac{2}{5}\)
Then write as ratio
\(\displaystyle \frac{2}{5}= \color{blue}{2:5}\)

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