Modular Exponentiation (PowMod)

Calculator and formula for calculating the modular exponentiation (PowMod)

Modular Exponentiation berechnen

This calculator supplies the result of the modular exponentiation (PowMod) function. The result is the remainder of a division of \(\displaystyle b^{x}\) by \(\displaystyle m\).

To calculate, enter the base, the exponent and the modulo, then click on the 'Calculate' button.

Modular exponentiation calculator

Base b
Exponent e
Modulo m
Decimal places

Formula for modular exponentiation

\(\displaystyle x= b^e \hspace{8px} mod \hspace{8px} m \)


\(\displaystyle x= 4^2 \hspace{8px} mod \hspace{8px} 10 \)
\(\displaystyle x= 16 \hspace{8px} mod \hspace{8px} 10 =6 \)
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