Text box shortcuts

Text box short cuts of the RedCrab Calculator


The following table contains a list of keyboard shortcuts for text boxes.



Ctrl + Tab Tab
Ctrl + Number Pad 5 Select all
Ctrl + A Select all
Ctrl + E Center alignment
Ctrl + J Justify alignment
Ctrl + R Right alignment
Ctrl + L Left alignment
Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl + V Paste
Ctrl + X Cut
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Y Redo
Backspace Delete previous character.
Ctrl + Backspace Delete previous word.
F16 Same as Backspace.
Ctrl + Insert Copy
Shift + Insert Paste
Insert Overwrite
Ctrl + Left Arrow Moves the cursor one word to the left.
Ctrl + Right Arrow Moves the cursor one word to the right.
Ctrl + Up Arrow Move to the line above.
Ctrl + Down Arrow Move to the line below.
Ctrl + Home Moves to the beginning of the document.
Ctrl + End Moves to the end of the document.
Ctrl + Page Up Moves one page up.
Ctrl + Page Down Moves one page down.
Ctrl + Delete Deletes the next word or selected characters.
Shift + Delete Cuts the selected characters.
Ctrl + Shift + L Fiddle bullet style.