Electrical engineering calculator

Online calculator electrical engineering functions


Battery Capacity
Capacitor Capacitance
Decibel, votage, power converter
Decibel - factor converter
Electric Power
Electric Energy
Electric Charge
Electrostatic force, Coulombs Law
Internal resistance of a power source
Ohm's law and power
Table of temperature coefficients
Temperature drift of resistance
Voltage drop
Wire resistance


Alternating voltage values
Alternating voltage and time
Frequency and wavelength
Alternating voltage value and angle
Frequency and periodic time
RMS values of AC voltage

Circuits with resistors

Total resistance of a resistor in parallel
Parallel- total resistance of 2 resistors
Series resistance for a voltmeter
Parallel resistance for an ampere meter
Voltage divider
Loaded voltage divider
Pi Attenuator
T Attenuator

Circuits with capacitors

Capacitance of a capacitor series circuit
Total capacitance and series capacitors
Reactance Xc of a capacitor
Time constant of an R/C circuit (low pass)
Capacitor charging voltage at a time
Capacitor discharge voltage at a time
R/C for the charging voltage at a time
Series circuit R/C
Parallel circuit R/C
Low pass-filter R/C
High pass-filter R/C
Integrator R/C
Differentiator R/C
Cutoff-frequency R,C
R and C for a given impedance

Circuits with inductors

Reactance of a coil
Cutoff frequency R/L
Differentiator R/L
Highpass filter R/L
Lowpass filter R/L
Series circuit R/L
Parallel circuit R/L

Capacitor and inductors

Resonant frequency f0 calculator
Resistors-capacitors-inductors series circuit
Resistors-capacitors-inductors parallel circuit
Resonance of RCL parallel circuit
Resonance of RCL series circuit


LED resistor
Zener diode resistor (variable)
Zener diode resistor (fix)


Loudspeaker crossover 6 dB
Loudspeaker crossover 12 dB
Loudspeaker crossover 18 dB

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