SetXor function

Finds the values that are only in one of the two lists or tables


The SetXor function compares two lists or tables. The result are a list of values that are exclusive in only one of the two lists or tables.

In the case of tables, the number of the column to be searched is also specified.

The option asc arranges the result as ascending, dsc as a descending list.


SetXor (list1, list2)

Compares two lists or the first two columns of a table.

SetXor (table1, table2, column)

Compares the specified columns of both tables.

SetXor (table1, table2, column1, column2)

Compares column 1 of the first table to column 2 of the second table.

SetXor (table1, table1, column1, column2, "asc")

Compare column 1 with column 2 of the same table and arrange the result as an ascending list.


SetXor([3,6,4,8,6], [2,7,6,5,3])= 4 8 2 7 5

Option Asc and Dsc

The option asc sorts the result in ascending order.

SetXor (list1, list2, "asc")

The option dsc sorts the result in descending order.

SetXor (table1, table2, column, "dsc")