Lineres Function

Calculation of the DC resistance of an electrical cable

Calculate the line resistance

The Lineres function calculation of the DC resistance of an electrical cable. The parameters for the length l and the cross-sectional area A can be real numbers or lists of real numbers.

The third argument is the specific resistance. The value can be transferred as a real number or as a text string with the element symbols "Al" (silver), "Cu" (copper) or "Fe" (iron).


Lineres (l, A, R)

Lineres (l, A, "Cu")


l Length in meter
A cross-sectional area in mm2
R specific resistance in Ohm


R=Lineres(30, 1.5, 1/56)=357.1mΩ

R=Lineres(30, 1.5, "Cu")=357.1mΩ


\(\displaystyle R_L=\frac{l}{A}ρ\)

A table with specific resistances of different materials can be found here