Application interface

Description of the RedCrab Calculator Application interface (API)

Application interface (API)

  • RedCrab includes an integrated application interface (API). The API can send data to external programs for calculation

  • The RedCrabAPI.dll file must be included in the external programs to communicate with RedCrab. Find the file in RedCrabs subdirectory tools/bin

  • The external programs can be written in any programming language. Important is that a development system is used which allows the API file to mount

  • Microsoft Visual Studio is probably the most common. The Visual Studio Express can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft server. It supports C++, c#, Visual Basic and other programming languages. Instructions to inserting the RedCrabAPI.dll in a Visual Studio project you can find here

  • The externally programmed functions are called by the function Xcon() from the RedCrab worksheet. You will find more information here