RedCrab SonoG Control Elements

Operation of the RedCrab tone generator software

Operating and control elements

  1. Multifunction Touch Display
  2. Keyboard to input frequencies and times
  3. Radio knobs for continuous adjustment of frequencies
  4. Tone on / off switch
  5. Signal selector buttons
  6. Channel selector
  7. Volume adjustor
  8. Switch for dual tone mode


  • The switch TONE switches the tone generator on or off.
  • The frequency can be entered directly using the keypad (2) or the number block on the computer keyboard.
  • The frequency can be changed continuously with the radio knobs MAIN (3) and FINE (3).
  • The buttons (5) set the signal type.
  • The switch CHANNEL (6) sets the output to the left, right, or both channels.
  • Adjusts the volume of the signal with the radio knob LEVEL (7).
  • The switch DTMF (8) enables the multiple frequency signal output.