Sphere calculation

Description and formulas for the calculation of spheres

Sphere Definition

  • A sphere is an endless number of points equidistant from the centerpoint in a three-dimensional space

  • In three-dimensional space, the radius of a sphere is the segment connecting the center to any point on a sphere

  • The diameter is the longest distance between two points of the surface \((2·Radius)\)

Formulas for sphere calculation

Calculate radius \(r\) of a sphere

\(\displaystyle r=\frac{P}{2π}\)

Calculate Diameter \(d\) of a sphere

\(\displaystyle d=\frac{P}{π}\)

\(\displaystyle d=2· r\)

Calculate Perimeter \(P\) of a sphere

\(\displaystyle P=d·π\)

Calculate Surface area \(S\) of a sphere

\(\displaystyle S=d^2·π\)

\(\displaystyle S=4· r^2·π\)

Calculate Volume \(V\) of a sphere

\(\displaystyle V=\frac{d^3·π}{6}\)

\(\displaystyle V=\frac{4· r^3·π}{3}\)