Calculate the resonance frequency f0

Calculator and formulas for calculating the resonance frequency of a LC resonator

Calculate LC resonance frequency

On this page you can calculate the resonance frequency, the inductance of a coil or the capacitance of a capacitor in an oscillating circuit. Two of the values must be known in order to calculate the third.

LC resonance calculator

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Resonance frequency formulas

The following description shows the calculation of the resonance frequencies of an LC resonant circuit. In theoretical systems without damping, the resonance frequency is equal to the undamped natural frequency \({\displaystyle f_{0}}\).

In damped systems, the frequency with the maximum amplitude is always smaller than the undamped natural frequency. In the case of weakly damped systems, the difference between the natural frequency and the resonance frequency is small.

Formula for calculating the frequency

\(\displaystyle f_0=\frac{1}{2 · π \sqrt{ C · L }}\)

Formula for calculating the capacitor

\(\displaystyle C=\frac{1}{(2 · π)^2 · {f_0}^2 · L }\)

Formula for calculating the inductor

\(\displaystyle L=\frac{1}{(2 · π)^2 · {f_0}^2 · C }\)

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