Class Cylinder

Calculation of the properties of cylinders


The class Cylinder calculates properties of a cylinder, sector or section.


The following properties can be queried as a result or passed as an argument.



d Diameter of the base
r Radius of the base
P Circumference of the base
A Area of the base
h Height of the cylinder
Sp Surface without top and base
S Total surface
V Volume of the cylinder
Sector of the base
\(α\) Sector angle alpha
s Length of chord
Th Height of the triangle
Ch Height of the segment
Area of the sector
As Area of the base sector
Ac Area of the base segment
At Area of the base triangle
Segment and Sector Perimeter
Pc Perimeter of th segment
Pt Perimeter of the triangle
Ps Perimeter of the sector
Pa Length of the arc
Cylinder Sector
Sa Surface of the cylinder arc
Sr Surface of one even side
Su Sector surface without top and base (2 Sr + Sa)
Ss Sector surface (2 As + Su) include top and base
Vs Sector volume
Cylinder Segment
Sb Even surface of the cylinder chord
Sv Surface of the cylinder segments chord and arc
Sc Surface of the cylinder segment
Vc Volume of the cylinder segment


Object = Cylinder ("arg names", argumente)

Value = Cylinder ("get -> arg names", argumente)


The following example specifies a radius \(r\) of 4 and a height \(h\) of 8 as arguments.

The following example displays the volume \(V\) of the object \(a\).

In the following example, the property \(V\) is calculated from the radius \(r\) and the height \(h \).

If, apart from \(r \) and \(h \), the angle alpha is specified, all properties can be calculated.