Description of the RedCrab individual box toolbars

Individual Toolbars

The RedCrab worksheet can contain various elements, such as: mathematical formulas, text, images or diagrams. The various elements are arranged in boxes with individual toolbars. At the top of the worksheet, the toolbar for the enabled box is displayed.

The toolbar contains individual buttons to support the box type functions. If you change the activated box with a mouse click, the toolbar also changes.

For the description of these buttons, see the description of the corresponding box. This page describes the buttons, which are available in all toolbars

Close box. When other boxes are anchored to this box, these are also closed.
Sends this box in the background if it obscures another.
Bring this box in the foreground if it is partially obscured by another.
Fix the position of this box with the position of another.

  • To anchor a box, click on the anchor button, then click the destination box

  • To release the anchor, click the anchor button again