Basics Functions

Index of the Basics functions of the RedCrab Calculator


Abs Returns the absolute value of a number
DTime Returns an integer value representing year, month, day, hour, minute and second
DTimef Converts an integer argument into a data field containing the date and time
Max Returns the greatest value of the comparison of two numbers, or the greatest value of a list
Min Returns the smallest value of the comparison of two numbers, or the smallest value of a list
Power Returns x to the power y
Rnd Returns a random integer number or a list of numbers
Rndf Returns a random floating point number or a list of numbers
Round Returns a value rounded to the nearest whole number
Sign Returns a value indicating the sign of a number
Sqr Returns the square of the argument
Sqrt Returns the square root of the argument
URnd Returns a list of different random integer numbers


Div Returns the result of an integer number division without remainder
Mod Returns the remainder of the division of two integer numbers