Capacitor series

Calculator and formula for calculating the capacity of a series circuit

Calculate capacitor series circuit

This function calculates the total capacitance or a series capacitor in a series circuit of two capacitors.

For the calculation, select whether the total capacitance or the capacitance of capacitor C2 should be calculated. Then enter the values and click on the Calculate button.

Capacity calculator

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capasitor series

For series circuits with more than 2 capacitors, use the function here

Capacitors in series formulas

The capacitance of two capacitors in series is calculated using the following formula

\(\displaystyle C_{ges}=\frac{C_1· C_2}{C_1 + C_2}\)

To calculate a series capacitor for a given total capacitance and given C1, use the following formula

\(\displaystyle C_2=\frac{C_1· C_{ges}}{C_1 - C_{ges}}\)
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