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This function can be used to calculate the properties of an RC integrator. The function calculates the capacitor, the resistance or the period or the frequency.

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Formulas for the RC integrator

The integrator works as a pulse shaper stage. The CR element generates a pulse-like alternating voltage at the output of the circuit from a square-wave voltage at the input.

T = Period
t1 = Pulse

If the length of the rectangular pulse (t1) corresponds to 5 times the time constant Τ of the CR circuit, a pulse train like the one in the figure below is created.

\(\displaystyle t1= 5 · R · C\)   ⇒   \(\displaystyle R=\frac{t1}{5 · C} \)   ⇒   \(\displaystyle C=\frac{t1}{5 · R} \)

If the pulse duration of the input voltage is greater than 5 T, steeper pulses equal to the input voltage are generated

The time constant? (tau)

The time constant of an RC element is the product of R • C. The unit of measurement is the second. The symbol is the Greek letter \(τ \) (tau),

After 5 tau the charge is approx. 99.3%.

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