Electrostatic Force Calculator

Coulomb's law electrostatic force calculator and formulas

Calculate electrostatic force

This function calculates the electrostatic force of the electric charge according to Coulomb's law

To calculate, enter the charge values in coulombs and the distance in meters. Then click on the 'Calculate' button.

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Formulas for calculating the electrostatic force

Coulomb's law is defined by the following formula

\(\displaystyle F= k_e \frac{q_1 · q_2}{r^2}\)
\(F\) = electrostatic force in newtons
\(k_e\) = Coulomb constant: 8.987.551.787,3681764 Nm2 C-2   ≈   8.988·109 Nm2 C-2
\(q_1\) = Charge of the 1st object in coulombs
\(q_2\) = Charge of the 2nd object in coulombs
\(r\) = distance between the objects in meters

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