Dividing vectors

Online calculator for dividing two vectors with 2 elements

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Two vectors with two elements each are divided

To perform the scalar division enter the vectors, then click the 'Calculate' button. Empty elements are counted as 0.

Vector division calculator

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Description of the vector division

Vectors are divided by dividing the individual elements of the first vector by the corresponding elements of the second vector.

\(\displaystyle\left[\matrix{x1\\y1}\right] / \left[\matrix{x2\\y2}\right] = \left[\matrix{x1 / x2\\y1 / y2}\right]\)


\(\displaystyle\left[\matrix{4.5\\6}\right] / \left[\matrix{3\\2}\right] = \left[\matrix{4.5 / 3\\6 / 2}\right]= \left[\matrix{1.5\\3}\right]\)
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