Results with Prefix

Discription how to display results with Prefix

Prefix mode

In the prefix mode, the prefix symbol is written in the result instead of an exponent. To do this, select the Prefix option in the format menu on the toolbar. The format menu button is outlined in red in the picture below.

For example, if the prefix mode is on, the result will be written 12m for a current of 0.012 amp instead of 12 ∙ 10-3. The m stands for Milli; So here for milliamps.

The Prefix auto setting uses the prefix that corresponds to the technical exponent. As described above, m takes 10-3. You can also specify a specific prefix or area. How to preset prefixes read here.

Prefix mode
  • The following example shows the same result with exponent and with a prefix

SI Prefixes

The SI prefixes are standardized by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (IBWM)

The list below shows the prefixes which RedCrab used

Y Yotta 1024   Quadrillion Septillion
Z Zetta 1021   Trilliarde Sextillion
E Exa 1018   Trillion Quintillion
P Peta 1015   Billiarde Quadrillion
T Tera 1012   Billion Trillion
G Giga 109   Milliarde Billion
M Mega 106 1.000.000   Million  
k Kilo 103 1000   Thousand  
m Milli 10-3 0,001   Thousandth  
μ Mikro 10-6 0,000.001   Millionth  
n Nano 10-9 0,000.000.001   Milliardth Billionth
p Piko 10-12 0,   Billionth Trillionth
f Femto 10-15 0,   Billiardth Quadrillionth
a Atto 10-18 0,   Trillionth Quintillionth
z Zepto 10-21 0,   Trilliardth Sextillionth
y Yokto 10-24 0,   Quadrillionth Septillionrh