Units of Measurement

Description how to display Units of Measurement in RedCrab Calculator

Units of Measurement

Available in RedCrab PLUS

This page describes the specification of a unit of measure in the result. For more information about calculating with units of measure, see Calculating with Units of Measure

The support of units of measure can switch on or off in the menu Settings>Tools 

If you use units of measurement in your calculation, the result is displayed in the unit that was entered on the right in the expression.

Specify a unit of measurement for the result

In addition to the used unit you can specify a different unit of measurement for a math box

Type the prefered name into the textbox on the toobar

This unit of measure is displayed only, if they are compatible with the result. Otherwise the specification is ignored

Specify a unit for a variable name

Also it is possible to define a preferred unit of measurement for a specified variable name

Open the dialog box with double click on the formula symbol (The "x" in the example below)

This procedure is recommendable for frequently used names. You can save the name in the "RedCrab" settings

See also: Units of Measure, Individual format, List of units of measurement