Rectangle calculation

Description for the calculation of rectangles

Rectangle Calculation

A rectangle is a simple geometric shape and has the following characteristics

  • It has four sides and four corners

  • All corners are rectangular

  • The opposite sides are parallel and have the same length

  • Both diagonals are the same length

Formulas for rectangle calculation

Calulate Length \(a\) of a rectangle

\(a = A / b\)

Calulate Width \(b\) of a rectangle

\(b = A / a\)

Calulate Area \(A\) of a rectangle

\(A = a ·b\)

Calulate Perimeter \(P\) of a rectangle

\(P = (2 · a) + (2 · b)\)

Calulate Diagonal \(d\) of a rectangle

\(d = \sqrt{a^2 + b^2}\)