Use of prefixes instead of exponents


In the RedCrab Calculator prefixes can be used instead exponents.

The term 2·103 can be replaced by 2k.

22·10-6 kann durch 22µ ersetzt werden

Before entering a prefix symbol, press the ESC key. Pressing the ESC key marks the following character as a prefix and avoids conflicts with variable names. This also means that the same letters for variables and prefixes can be used on the worksheet. Prefixes are displayed in gray to distinguish them from variables..

Available from version 7.9


Calculation of an impedance according to the formula \(\displaystyle X_C=\frac{1}{2π·f·C}\)
For \(f\) is assumed 2.5 kHz and for \(C\) 22µF.

Calculation with exponents

\(\displaystyle X_C=\frac{1}{2π·2.5·10^3·22·10^{-6}}\)

Calculation with prefixes

\(\displaystyle X_C=\frac{1}{2π·2.5k·22µ}\)

List of prefixes

The SI prefixes are standardized by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (IBWM)

The list below shows the prefixes which RedCrab used

Y Yotta 1024   Quadrillion Septillion
Z Zetta 1021   Trilliarde Sextillion
E Exa 1018   Trillion Quintillion
P Peta 1015   Billiarde Quadrillion
T Tera 1012   Billion Trillion
G Giga 109   Milliarde Billion
M Mega 106 1.000.000   Million  
k Kilo 103 1000   Thousand  
m Milli 10-3 0,001   Thousandth  
μ Mikro 10-6 0,000.001   Millionth  
n Nano 10-9 0,000.000.001   Milliardth Billionth
p Piko 10-12 0,   Billionth Trillionth
f Femto 10-15 0,   Billiardth Quadrillionth
a Atto 10-18 0,   Trillionth Quintillionth
z Zepto 10-21 0,   Trilliardth Sextillionth
y Yokto 10-24 0,   Quadrillionth Septillionrh