Instantaneous value for an angle

Calculate the current value of a sinusoidal oscillation at a certain angle

Instantaneous value calculater

On this page you can calculate the instantaneous value of a sinusoidal oscillation at a certain angular position.

The voltage can be entered as an effective or peak value. The angle can be selected between degrees and radians.

Instantaneous value calculator

Decimal places
Effective voltage RMS
Peak voltage
Angle in degree
Voltage to the angle

Formula for calculating the instantaneous value

When a rotor rotates uniformly in a homogeneous magnetic field, the induced voltage changes sinusoidally. If the peak value û is known, the instantaneous value can be determined from the angle.

\(\displaystyle u=û · sin(α)\)


\(\displaystyle û\)

Peak voltage

\(\displaystyle u\)

Instantaneous value

\(\displaystyle α\)

Angle of the instantaneous value

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