Voltage at a specific point in time

Calculating of the instantaneous voltage at a specific point in time

Calculate instantaneous voltage

On this page you can calculate the instantaneous value of a sinusoidal oscillation at a specific point in time.

The reference voltage can be entered as an effective value or as a peak voltage.

Instantaneous voltage calculator

Decimal places
Effective voltage RMS
Peak voltage
Momentary voltage

Formula for calculating the instantaneous value

With the help of the angular frequency formulas below, the instantaneous value of voltage and current can be determined after a certain time \(\displaystyle t\).

α 0°

u = 0V

α 90°

u = û

α 180°

u = 0V

α 270°

u = û

α 360°

u = 0V

The pocket calculator must be set to radians to calculate these formulas.

Angular frequency \(\displaystyle ω= (2 · π · f)\)

\(\displaystyle u=û · sin(ω · t)\)   \(\displaystyle =û · sin(2 π f · t)\)

\(\displaystyle i=î · sin(ω · t)\)


\(\displaystyle û\)

Peak voltage

\(\displaystyle u\)

Instantaneous voltage

\(\displaystyle f\)


\(\displaystyle t\)


\(\displaystyle ω\)

Angular frequency

\(\displaystyle î\)

Peak current

\(\displaystyle i\)

Instantaneous current

if you want to use degrees, you must convert the parameter to degree (x· 180/π)

Example:   \(\displaystyle u =û · sin\left(2 π f · t · \frac{180}{π}\right)\)

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