Chart Y-Axis

Description of chart Y-Axis settings

Chart Y-Axis Settings

The Button "Y-Axis settings" shows a dialog window for input of the y-axes properties.

Y-Axis Panel


Paste the selected variable as y-axis references to the chart.


This text is displayed next to the axis.


Result format, which is displayed in labels.
Example: #0.00 displays: 5.00


Defines the interval for the labels or grids.

Auto mode

The interval of the labels or grids is set automatically.

Fixed steps

Sets the interval for the labels or grids.


Enabled a logarithmic scale for this axis.

Logarithmic base

Sets the base of the logarithm for a logarithmic axis.

Minimum value

Determines the minimum value for the axis.


Displays the axis grid.

Interlace color

Defines the color, which is displayed in horizontal grids.

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