Description how to display results graphically with charts

Display Results in Charts

With charts you can graphically display calculation results. RedCrab contains more than 25 different chart types. The charts are preferred for displaying statistical results. To display results of math function you can also use the Plot box.

  • To open a chart box, select a range on the worksheet and click the Chart button

  • Later you can change the size and the position of the box

  • To make a reference to a variable, position the cursor on the variable and click the button Reference

Toolbar functions

1 Deletes the box
2 Sends the chart box to the background
3 Displays the chart box in front
4 Anchored the position of Chartbox with another box
5 Displays the charts in a separate window.
6 Save the chart to file
7 Send the chart to the printer
8 Copy the chart on clipboard
9 Display line chart
10 Display column chart
11 Display pie chart
12 First click the reference button, the click the reference variable on the worksheet.
13 Paste the selected variable as X-axis reference. The procedure is identical with the procedure in paragraph 10 above. The first and the last value determine the X-axis scale. [5,20] is equal to [5,10,15,20]
14 Opens a dialog to change the chart type
15 Opens a dialog to change chart options
16 Opens a dialog to change y-axis properties
17 Opens a dialog to change x-axes properties
18 Opens a dialog to change legend properties
19 Change the chart box background
20 Show or hide the legend
21 Show or hide the axes
22 Show or hide the grid
23 Show or hide datapoint labels
24 Display the chart area in 3D design
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