Matrices multiplication

Calculator for multiplying 3x3 matrices

Online calculator for matrix multiplication

To perform the calculation, enter the data of two matrices to be multiplied. Then click the button 'Calculate'.

Empty fields are counted as zero.

Matrix addition calculator

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Description of the matrix multiplication

There is a special rule for multiplications of matrices constructed in such a way that that they can represent simultaneous equations using matrices.

  • Two matrices can be multiplied if the number of columns in the left matrix is the same as the number of rows in the right matrix.

  • The product of a matrix is calculated by calculating the product sums of the pairs from the row vectors of the first matrix and the column vectors of the second matrix


The first element of the product \(C \), is the sum of the products of each element of the first row of \(A \), and the corresponding element of the first column of \(B \)

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